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    Okay, here we go with yet another Capcom VS game but it will be the last one I'll be covering for the time being.
    Will the PlayStation version be any good this time?

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    It’s Mahvel baybee!

    MSH vs SF and Marvel vs Capcom are fantastic, bonkers fighting games. I prefer MvsC2 as it’s a four button game (with a couple of assists), so I get on with it better than the prequels. Still, I’ll definitely be putting some time into MSH vs SF once the CPS2 multi arrives...

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    A little early today guys as I'll be away tomorrow. Hope you enjoy this show as it took forever to put together.

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    Oh man I was watching that and realising what a hard time you were having.

    I've never really had any nostalgia for this game because I never ever saw a cab of this back in the day as a tod, I also never owned an Atari so this game was never really owt to me, it just looked like Mr Do with beiger graphics.

    Really do love the purity and plinky-plonk of the sound effects in the original arcade vers, it's the main reason I see Pac Man as a perfect aesthetic creation, I still don't know whether I'll ever play Dig Dug proper tho, I miss the big fruits of Mr Do and its brilliant Electron clone.

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    Great vid BTW!!!!

    I like to know more about games I don't know about, it expands the subtle parts of the briz-ain.

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    A series Capcom really need to bring back on this week's Battle of the Ports.

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    Another winner of a franchise from Capcom... those were the days, eh.

    Absolutely love the whacky character designs and completely over the top special moves, it certainly makes things much more interesting.

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    The best character designs seen in any Capcom fighter, I love the game and the Saturn was and is to this day incredible

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    PSP and Dreamcast ports are clear winners here.

    The PSP port was one of the first PSP games I owned. Somehow it didn't dawn on me back then just how good a port it was.

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    I remember getting the second Darkstalkers game for the Saturn and loving the graphics and music. The whole look of the game was really inspiring. A big mention must go to the effects and detailed animation. All topped off with stirring music and really playable action.


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